Also known as "Icky Yucky Sushi".

(sung to the song Sukiyaki)

I am from Minnesota;
I went to Tokyo to
Visit the Land of Enchantment and quaint pagoda.
I almost died the night they tried
To make me eat that yucky sushi.

They think it sounds so yummy,
But, hey, I ain't no dummy,
I knew no way it would stay down in my tummy.
I took one bite, and I was right,
No likey icky yucky sushi.

It took some wine, but I finally agreed
To eat that dish of dead fish and seaweed.

What happened then I don't know,
I loosened my kimono,
I make a noise like the voice of Yoko Ono.
Then just like that, right on the mat,
Me sicky icky yucky sushi.

Don't eat raw squid, like I did, 'cause it's true,
It make you do like when you got the flu.

So if you're in Nagoya,
Here's a suggestion for ya,
Take my advice, stick with rice, and think twice before ya
Bow in disgrace, lose lunch and face,
No picky icky yucky sushi.
No likey icky yucky sushi.
Upchucky icky yucky sushi

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