This Limited Edition Featured Artist pin was created by Disney Design Group 
Artist Dawn Ockstadt. Dawn has titled this pin "Kungaloosh!" This Jumbo Pin
features the Fab Five (and Pete) portraying the zany club members you will
meet nightly at the Adventurers Club. This pin features multiple pin on pin
elements and measures approximately 4" wide by 3" tall. 

This featured artist pin has various characters playing characters from the Adventurer's Club: Daisy Duck as Pamelia Perkins Donald Duck as Otis T. Wren Minnie Mouse as Samantha Sterling Mickey Mouse as Hathaway Browne Pete as Graves Goofy as Fletcher Hodges Pluto as Emil Bleehall and the Organ - Fingers

The characters are on the stage in the Library of the Adventurers Club posed around the Balderdash Cup.

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