Frequently discussed artifacts

Zeus Goes Fishing

  • Also known as "God with Rod," this statue atop the central settee in the Main Salon features a scantily-clad Zeus, casting a fishing rod. The fishing line is tangled amongst other nearby artifacts. The statue is occasionally the subject of some moderate fondling by the characters (or a slightly-inebriated guest). In actuality, this is a statue of Poseidon, not Zeus.
  • Scooter, the peacock above the library door

Artifacts from former Cast Members

When Cast Members retire from the club, there is often an artifact left behind in the club to remember them by.

  • Door Host Jimmy - red and white striped scarf
  • Green - a towel burnoose
  • Yvette - sequined Canadian flag
  • Bubba - small stuffed lobster
  • Scully - red handkerchief
  • Sugar Snap - stuffed squirrel with a bag of sugar and nuts between its toes
  • Michael the Server - flip-flops

History of club artifacts

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