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Chipmunk Cheeks: Hathaway, Otis, Emil, Fletcher, Graves, Plaid Monkey, Emil Sr.[]

Chipmunk, one of the original cast members when the Club opened in 1989, created the salutation word, “Kungaloosh!” He once had a recurring role on the Nickelodeon TV show, All That. Had a small role in HBO movie Recount aired on 5/25/08. Real name: Tim Goodwin.

He also has a small role in Tom Hanks's Award winning series, "From the Earth to the Moon." He is seen talking into a radio microphone in the episode titled; "WE Interupt this Program."

Since the closing of the club, he has been seen working as a street performer at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

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Hoopla Songs:[]

  • (as Hathaway)"Jamaica Farewell"
  • (as Otis) "Don't Make Me Laugh"
  • (as Otis/Emil Sr.) "Who Threw the Whiskey in the Well?"
  • (as Fletcher) Spam haiuku