Among the regular characters you're likely to meet in your visit to the Adventurers Club are...

Club Officers

Other Humans

  • Emil Bleehall, a traveling Junior Adventurer from Sandusky, Ohio (tribe 602), that has come to compete for the Balderdash Cup
  • Graves, the club's Butler.
  • The French Maid, the club's Domestic Engineer.
  • Madame Vidalia Onionski Zarkoff, the rarely-seen club gypsy.
  • Mandora, The Predecessor of Samantha Sterling. She's a world renowned scientist and cabaret performer.
  • Sutter Beswick, is another character who is supposed to be a competitor for the 1937 Balderdash Cup. Although, he too is unable to attend due to Otis' exploits. Sutter is also a past winner of the Balderdash Cup for 1930. He made his first and final appearance on the final night of the Club.

Never Seen Members

  • Chilton Thompson, mentioned in the Balderdash Cup and the Radio Broadcast, is a never seen character that is supposed to be the sound effects man for the Radio Broadcast (but never shows up). He is also a past competitor for the Balderdash Cup, but, due to Otis Wren's doing, is unable to attend for 1937.
  • Sheila Griffin, a never seen character, is supposed to be playing the role of Gretta in New Years Eve episode of "Tales of the Adventurers Club," but, for some unknown reason, does not show up to the Radio Broadcast.

Not Quite Humans

The characters are portrayed by a talented group of cast members, who often portray more than one character in the Club.

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